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Startbeitrag von ICI am 22.04.2013 06:04

I know I saw it somewhere but can not find, Option for interpret &
..interpret ampersand work for combo.col_, table.col_,...
but for report there is not supported ..interpretampersand and I can see
HS Shampoo (H&S Shampoo) on preview and printed form.

Any help is welcome.


Hello ICI

This is a long running bug in Windev, based on a fundamental design flaw and possibly a lack of understanding of the English language. Tech support just don't seem to understand the concept that there is no need for Windev to interpret data in a file to see if it could contain a keypress shortcut and that is the root of the problem.

The only solution I can see is to base your report on a table and put all your data into the table because table columns support the ..InterpretAmpersand instruction.

The ..InterpretAmpersand option really needs to be extended to all controls not just a handful


von Al - am 22.04.2013 06:43
Thank you Al

I agree. Convert (&) into shortcut for any data is really funny situation. No matter which language is default. Data is always Data. Interpret data or change original is for someone who don't know what is database. This situation need to be resolved with new function, like:
1. Database..InterpretAmpersand = True/False
2. Connection..InterpretAmpersand = True/False
3. Table..InterpretAmpersand = True/False
4. Report..InterpretAmpersand = True/False, etc.

Not just for control. Because, if I do not want to interpret (&) on one control, I probably not wanna to do that into whole project.

von ICI - am 22.04.2013 09:43
PowerBuilder is kind of goofy with the Ampersand as well.

If you want to show the Ampersand as an Ampersand you have to double it up as &&. Then it shows okay on the screen and in reports.

von Paul Murray - am 23.04.2013 00:58
Hi Paul,
I know that from the help, but
I can put pictures here to see how:
1. One table column control (Text) show "H&S Shampoo" with 1 & in data file
2. Second column (Combo, 'cause it's related) show "HS Shampoo" from same data file .

So question is. How to use & or && when it's different interpreted on same control with different control used to show it up.

von ICI - am 23.04.2013 06:43
Hi Paul,

As Al said, the simple way is to set the property ..InterpretAmpersand of the column to False.

The only place we had a "problems" in our application was for combo-columns in table that were underlining instead of showing the &.

The solution was very strait-forward: on the Initialisation code of the column, we simply added: MySelf..InterpretAmpersand = False

That was about it.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 23.04.2013 13:26
Hi Alexandre.
What I can say on this situation and how to resolve it. Please see picture.
..InterpretAmpersand is not enabled for report controls. So I need to on every row seek postition , insert another & to be printer well. It is slowly operation for printing.

von ICI - am 24.04.2013 06:36

I see what you mean. Unfortunately I do not have this behaviour here. The report-"tables" display the & properly as well as the "data-labels". But our reports are all linked by data-binding or reports linked on table control directly. Maybe this is what makes the difference? (I use the French version 18, but my quick test on version 17 shown no issues.)

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 24.04.2013 13:23
Hello Alexander

The fact that your report source is a table is why it works and that is why I suggested to ICI that his best option might be to place his data into a table and report from the table.

The ..InterpretAmpersand only works on the following controls

..InterpretAmpersand can only be used on:
a static control.
a list box.
a combo box.
a table column.


von Al - am 24.04.2013 15:07
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