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WDTst.exe error Windev 17

Startbeitrag von Rudi Werner am 23.04.2013 08:06


After insterting the following code to prview / print a report :


i get the following error and program stops working :

WDTst.exe does not work anymore

The only thing i can do is stop the program ????

Anyone a idea ?????


Hello Rudi

No idea what is wrong, but the first thing you should try with unexplained errors in testmode is to close the project, delete the project .cpl folder, delete the project.env file and then re-open the project. There is also a project repair option in the Project > Other Options section of the main Windev IDE that sometimes helps.


von Al - am 23.04.2013 08:59
Did the above suggestions but nothing helps !

I think there is something wrong with the version of my report previewer ??
Is that possible ???

when i simply try to preview the report i get the following error

Unexpected system error.
If this error systematically occurs in the same conditions, contact PC SOFT Hot Line and specify:
- the error circumstances,
- a window, a project or the code lines used to replicate the problem,
- the details below.

Détails techniques :

Erreur système : Stack overflow
EIP = 7642CB9E
OS : Windows 8 (6.2.9200)

----- Technical Information -----

von Rudi Werner - am 23.04.2013 09:06
Hi Rudi,

if your report is based on a query, check if the query still exist with the used name. May be, it is renamed and than you also get this kind of errors (from own experience).

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.04.2013 09:27
There is no query !

Thanks for the tip

von Rudi Werner - am 23.04.2013 09:29
May be, you should try to use a local variable:

liID is int = zwd_inv_rows.invoice_id

iPrintReport(zwd_invoice, liID, liID)

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.04.2013 10:31
Hello Rudi

Now that you have posted the actual error message, it becomes clearer.

I doubt if this is a Windev error. The dll is a graphic device interface library so the problem could be in your graphics card, drive, or ram chips. It could also be an issue with a 32bit dll in presumably a Windows 8 64 bit environment.

Can you try this out on Win7 32 bit computer ? otherwise send all the info to PCSoft tech support.



von Al - am 23.04.2013 11:07
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