WX and Skype COM

Startbeitrag von Pete Halsted am 23.04.2013 15:18

WX and COM -----

If you are sqemish look away now....

I "sort of understand" activex, heck I have been doing it for my imaging stuff since CW's first release.

And I even semi understand call back methods.

But Looking into the Skype / COM object and ran into one I have never seen before. Thier example code for monitoring and answering a call is like this

Set oSkype = WScript.CreateObject("Skype4COM.Skype","Skype_")

Public Sub Skype_AttachmentStatus(ByVal aStatus)
Public Sub Skype_CallStatus(ByRef aCall, ByVal aStatus)

Those 2 public procedures are callbacks. And the creation of the object apprently said, all the call backs are prefixed with Skype_

I did not know you could do that. I thought you had to specifiy a specific call back procedure. And in fact reading the WX docs for ComCallMethod, it seems they didn't know that either.

Anyone have a clue?

Pete Halsted
NextAge Consulting


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