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list of parameters with their value ,used just BEFORE executing query

Startbeitrag von christine schokkaert am 25.04.2013 08:36

i have a query with several parameters .
I fill up some parameters by querynaam.parameter1 = variabele1
I execute the query hexecutequery(querynaam)
I get with hnbrec(querynaam) the number of records .

My question : i want to get a list of all the parameters that are used with their value to execute this query AT this moment of execution .
Some parameters are set during other parts of the program.

So i can control the number of result in toath or other program (working with MYSQL database )
does this exists ?




Hi Christine

info(MyQuery.MyParam) ???

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.04.2013 12:30
Hi Fabrice,

I don't want to name each parameter again. I have a query which contains 20 parameters.

Is there any syntax so that the 'filled in ' parameters (with a value) will be shown.

I need them to put the same sql query syntax in toad (in mysql DB) to compare the results.



von christine.schokkaert@tradecom.be - am 29.04.2013 11:50
// Assigns the SQL code of the query to a string
MySQLCode is string
MySQLCode = QRY_QueryCalculation..SQLCode

von Geoff B - am 01.05.2013 02:59
I don't know if I'm understanding correctly what you want...

* If you want to know every parameter passed to your query in the running instance, you can use an array, for instance, and save the values. You have to assign the value to every parameter AND to the array before query execution.

* If you want to know every parameter passed to your query in ALL the instances ever run, then you do the same thing, but, you write the values to a file.


von RAUL2 - am 01.05.2013 03:20
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