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[W18] - Faster compile & open times

Startbeitrag von Al am 25.04.2013 08:47

Hello All

I am doing some tests with V18 - despite my complaints about the PCSoft's sexist advertising techniques, misleading feature counts and the continual non fixing of old bugs etc - I am still committed to Windev as my development platform and I think we need to support them by continuing to upgrade so I have upgraded my Windev, Winmobile and Webdev versions to V18.

In comparison to V16 on a large project with nearly 2000 elements:

Open the project: 3 minutes for V18 10 minutes for V16
Recompile the project: 8 minutes for V18 19 minutes for V16
Recompile with no .cpl folder and no .env file: 10 minutes for V18 17 minutes for V16

So V18 is definitely much quicker than V16 in all areas. The surprising thing for me was that V16 was slightly quicker compiling from a clean start rather than with an existing set of compiled windows.

One thing I won't be using is the ribbon interface. Two reasons, it doesn't add anything to my work experience and for the simple reason that it just takes up too much space on the screen.
Although the options are available to use to the toolbars, Windev does not remember that fact - perhaps this is PCSoft subtly pushing the ribbon - but anyway now when I start in V18 I have to get rid of the Welcome popup, which despite ticking the "Don't display option" always pops up, then I have to click the two toolbar options to turn off the ribbon, small anoyances but in keeping with the tradition that PCSoft knows what is best for me!



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