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Error displaying Organization Chart (flow chart) Control

Startbeitrag von Adri am 25.04.2013 10:12

I've studied the WinDev example WD FlowChart and tried to create a similar solution.
In the example they use a seperate table for every chart. For me that's not a good solution.

I use a chart table and a persons table as a child of the chart table. I have an additional parameter for that in the person query.

The only differences between my solution and the example are:
- one chart table and one child persons table instead of one persons table per chart
- MSSQL native access

The problems are:
- when no person has a link to a manager, it shows only 1 person in the chart
- when persons do have a link to a manager, the window with the OrganizationChart control on it will not open. (not clear why not)

Did someone created a similar solution with success?
Any ideas about these errors?



[WD17] I found that filtering on the query (used for the flowchart) has no influence.
I changed the WinDev training app, because I do not want to use different tables for every chart but 1 table with a chart identifier and filter on the chart identifier.

I looks like a bug that the chart control doesn't see the filter executed on the query.

For now I have to build the charts via code.

von Adri - am 16.05.2013 13:21
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