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webdev and php/mysql

Startbeitrag von Allard am 25.04.2013 12:52

Hi I made quite a bit using php in webdev 17 now however I have a problem witch I donnot get

When I run a query I get this message:

The file is unknown in the analysis or is not a MySQL file.

Hmm it seems the query isnot recognized. Has anybody had this type of error before? And could you please help me out with a solution?




Hi Allard,

This error indicates that the query you are using has not been initialized.
This can be because you never executed it or there was an error executing the query.
If you try to access the query after that, there's no instance of the query, so it is unknown.
Could be the syntax is wrong or the query is not consistent with the analysis.
You can find the "actual" error after the hExecuteQuery or hExecuteSQLquery using hErrorInfo.


von Piet van Zanten - am 27.04.2013 07:35

Re: Webdev and php/mysql

Hi Allard

The other reason could be case sensitivity of your database file names. I have found that if you are developing on a windows machine and deploying to a linux server, sometimes you have upper case characters in your table name but when you deploy the tables to the MySQL server you have lower case only characters. Linux will treat these as totally different files.
I hope that helps

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von Mark Irwin.pcs.crosspost - am 02.05.2013 06:36

Re: Webdev and php/mysql

Yes !! Thanks that is it!

Huh, thanks you really helpt me out. It was verry , verry frustrating not being able to make it work. I almoast lost my faith in webdev.

Thanks again


von Allard - am 06.05.2013 11:31
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