Scrolling in a table

Startbeitrag von John Marrone Jr am 25.04.2013 13:26


When I scroll the vertical scroll bar in my tables I grab the scroll bar and drag it down. When I release the left mouse button the the table rolls scroll to re-adjust the position of the table rolls in the table.

I want the table rolls to adjust as I am dragging the scroll bar down. As I drag the scroll bar down I want the table rows scrolling too. I know this can be done. Could someone please assist me here. I have tried setting different flags but I guess I am not doing the right ones or something. Thanks for any help i might receive .


Hi John

windev? Webdev?
memory table? file linked? query linked?

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 25.04.2013 13:48

Sorry Fabric, I am using WD 17 with tables using files and some using queries. They are all direct access. I don't use memory tables.

von John Marrone Jr - am 25.04.2013 15:17
Hi John,

In Wd 16 this setting is in the table control's Contents tab:
Table description -> click the cursor to the table name entry control -> click the Content tab -> check the "Display the content while moving the scrollbar" checkbox control.


von Ola - am 25.04.2013 16:11
Thanks Ola and Fabrice, if it had been a snake it would of bit me.

von John Marrone Jr - am 26.04.2013 10:45
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