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Webdev Thread and page refresh

Startbeitrag von Paolo S. am 26.04.2013 16:05

good morning
Who can help me solve this problem:
I have a web page with 1 button that launches a very long processing.
From the button code execute a new Thread.
When the process' finished sending a message to the calling page.
The process ends normally but the message does not appear in the calling page.[/b]
I also tried with INFO("message") in the code Thread of the statement is executed but does not display the message.

How can I do to communicate to the user the end of parallel process?



Hi Paolo,

From what I understand, what I would do is use an AJAX button and Browser code. In browser code (on button click) you display a text message in the page that the process started. In the long AJAX button procedure, once it is completed, you display a message that it is finished (browser will be refreshed with that message, etc.).

We use this technique and works very well. No thread required. Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 26.04.2013 17:21

I try to do so and it runs fine.


von Paolo S. - am 27.04.2013 19:46
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