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WD18 Beta (English) - Seeking First Impressions

Startbeitrag von Scott Daughtry am 26.04.2013 18:31

SUBJECT line kinda says it all; getting ready to send Guenter the upgrade $$ from WD17, but would like to read of what the other brave folks have experienced with the WD18 Beta (English language version). In particular: regression problems; showstopping bugs; more French language text embedded where English language text should be; etc....


WD18 added linux console 64bit executable

von ccc2 - am 27.04.2013 02:07
Hello Scott

WD18 has performed well to date. The problems I had with the analysis crashing in V17 seem to be gone, it imported a couple of projects without any problems and they both compile and test ok. However, my apps won't stretch Windev at all. They use HF Classic and don't do anything outside of standard Windev code so no API's or .Net or Active X, just get the data, and show it onscreen or print it out.

As I reported earlier the opening and compiling are much quicker.
My old friend the dancing windows in the Project explorer is still with us, though it has been tamed a little. It is now possible to actually pick up a window that is not in a folder and drag it into a folder - if you are quick and lucky. However after you have done this a couple of times it gives up and won't play at all. The only way to get it working again is to trick it by opening a window, closing it and then try to move some more windows around until it stops again. Still they have had a try at fixing it so that's something.

The new search has many more options and is much more robust, although I did manage to make it lock up once by trying really hard to crash it ( clicking on a found item while the search was running and editing found code while the search was running)

There are no changes in the analysis program, still no list of fields in the analysis or a list of files that contain fields.

The new Groupware appears to be unfinished.
It is a typical PCsoft utility - looks good but doesn't work well, is badly designed and has bugs. It crashes when I try to use the retrieve process, crashed again when I was assigning rights, is not friendly at all in terms of design and usability, and it will be a mongrel thing to modify because it's one of those all encompassing multi plane windows that PCSoft engineers love, The way it presents the options to set the access rights is very poor. The old GPW windows had the ability to limit the elements displayed which was much better, and a couple of the tables don't have the search or filter enabled in the columns.

The selection of elements to assign rights to, shows a very attractive graphical list of available windows with a find window- thats just great, if the user doesn't know the code name of the window and how would they, they have to look up and down the list. Why not show the user friendly window caption name in a plain table with search and filter options.

Groups can become sub groups of other groups to establish a heirarchy. Nice idea but once you drag a group into another group it cannot be removed only deleted.

The Help in V18 has nothing about the new GPU process or files, it still refers to the old GPW Version
I could go on , but...

The groupware may have some nice features but you will need to wait for the final release and even then be prepared to rewrite parts of it to make it more user friendly - as I did with the last one.

I haven't tried any of the other new features, I don't need them.

So for me, there are no show stoppers and its usable, but obviously I will wait till the final version is released and then probably wait some more before releasing anything.


von Al - am 27.04.2013 07:28
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