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Place selectbar on row in table

Startbeitrag von Rudi Werner am 30.04.2013 05:31


I try to do the follow thing but didn't get result !

Have a field in a form ex: EDT_City

When i type something in the field and press TAB the result must be searching in another table
So far no problem.
But when the result did'nt exist in the other table there must POPUP a table sorted on City
and the table must be selected on value next to the typed string

example i type in EDT_City : Ant this does not exist in the City file so the table must go open
and the selector bar must be place on first city started with 'ant'

I have already handled eveything exept placing the selectorbar on the right record ?

Which command and where can i plce it ??



Hello Rudi

To date you have made 24 posts in the forum - only 1 of them indicated the PCSoft product and version in the topic.

Please show consideration for the other forum members when posting questions and nominate the PCSoft product and version - preferably in the topic in the format [WD17] or [WM17] or [WB17]


von Al - am 30.04.2013 06:30

Ok sorry i am a newbe here and don't know the appointments !

so it depends WD 17


von Rudi Werner - am 30.04.2013 06:33
Hello Rudi,

Whith Tableseek (type of search generic) you can search in a column of a table. It returns the subscript of the found entry in the table, or in case there is no match, it returns -1

With Tableselectplus you can select the row, using the result of tableseek as parameter.

idx is int

idx=tableseek("MyTable.Col_City", "Ant", false)
if idx -1 then
Tableselectplus(MyTable, idx)

von Bart VDE - am 30.04.2013 13:09
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