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Refreshing Row in Ajax table (WB 15)

Startbeitrag von steve erts am 30.04.2013 15:27

Hi All,

I have a page (PAGE1) with a read only ajax table on it (run through a direct link to the file...shows entire contents, no filter or query). I then have a button on that page that goes to another page (PAGE2) to edit the data by using pagedisplay (PAGE2) . I am then saving the data on PAGE2 (pagetofile, hmodify) and closing page and returning to PAGE1 by using Pagerefresh (PAGE1).

My question is this.. when I return to PAGE1 how do I get the modified data in the table to display without moving off and on the row in which the data was modified?

Hope this makes sense.




I think you get what you want. I use popup screen for that.

Click on the row you want to edit
port that row to the popup window. Edit the info end do a modify. Close the popup and an refresh of the table.



von Allard - am 01.05.2013 13:21
Thanks, I will try that.

von steve erts - am 01.05.2013 15:58
Allard, how do I control the size of the popup window?


von steve erts - am 01.05.2013 18:18

In the page create a popup with the popup control. You can change the size of the window visually



von Allard - am 02.05.2013 08:22
Thanks Allard, I'm thinking maybe this something that isn't available in WB 15. I do see the "Open a popup" link in the supercontrols under "link" and "button" and I can use that to open a page using Pagedisplay but PopupDisplay is not available in WB 15 and I don't see any method for altering size of pop up except to do manually everytime.


von steve erts - am 02.05.2013 15:44
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