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WD17 - UI Issues

Startbeitrag von Sascha77 am 03.05.2013 05:43

Hi all,

i am facing an issue with the UI on my installed application. The Setup creation hasen´t been changed but whenever i do install and start the application all the Windows are having a kind of red cross in all the ui controles and the icons on the buttons are not shown anymore.

When I do start the application from Windev in the testmode, everything woks as expected.....

Did someone have the same issue before?

THX for your help.


Hello Sascha

It looks like the compiled version of your software is not including the icons and images from your development environment. Even though your development environment still shows the images when you run in test mode because they they may be embedded, the location of the actual file image may have changed.

Open one of the windows that has a problem and check that the image location is still ok. It will show in red if it is not.

Everything that is in the project should be in the project.wdu file so you could also check for the existence of the image files in that file - you can open it with Notepad. The image files the system will use should all be there. If an image file does not have a drive\folder designation, the compiler expects to find it in the root directory of the project.

If the location is ok, try a project repair and update dependencies (Project > Other Actions) and if that doesn't work, try a clean project recompile by closing the project and deleting the project .cpl folder and project.env file and then re-open the project.


von Al - am 03.05.2013 07:16
Hi Sascha,

An easy way to determine the problems is to enable the "Display gui errors".
An easy way to solve it is to do a search and replace in "entire project" e.g. replace c:\MyProjects16 by c:\MyProjects17.
If the problem is in the styles a search and replace unfortunately doesn't work. (I made a request for that)
But on the other hand, you only need to modify the style then.


von Piet van Zanten - am 04.05.2013 09:58

thanks for your comments! Unfortunatly none of both tips did help me :(

I tried to make it run for 3 days, but now i gave up and rolled back to a 2 weeks old version of my application and just do a copy and past for the new stuff I developed ( since i am just developing for fun in my spare time it was not tooo much work .... ).

Again thanks for your help!


von Sascha77 - am 05.05.2013 15:24
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