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WinDev Appropriate?

Startbeitrag von Bob Sutton am 03.05.2013 14:27

Looking to use WinDev to re-write an existing application and in discussions with the company owners, they have heard that the early versions of Windev were not particularly stable but that situation had improved. They would like some outside assurances from other developers that Windev would be an appropriate platform to develop an application such as ours. It is an order processing system with order fulfillment and basic accounting (invoicing and an interface to back office accounting) specializing in communications and Internet services at convention centers, stadiums and such. We currently are in approximately 35 centers and processed 30,000 orders in 2012 for events plus 12,000 invoices for permanent tenants. At any given point we may have 25 – 30 active users logged in to Aesop. Aesop also includes functionality for document management. We stored about 120,000 records for documents (mostly .tif and .pdf) in 2012. It is running on file servers located in Las Vegas. Remote locations attach through RDS servers also located in Las Vegas. Our databases are all MS SQL Server.

Can anyone offer an opinion regarding the suitibility of WinDev for an application such as this?


Hi Bob,
I don't know which version of Windev the company owners are referring to, but I have distributed Windev 16 and 17 applications to my customers with ZERO stability problems.
Same of course with Clarion 6 and Btrieve/SQL Server applications.

If you need any specific information, just post here ..

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 03.05.2013 14:42
Hi Bob, since WinDev 5.5 (first published approx. in 2000) there never ever occurred a stability problem, which means that WinDev runtime would have been buggy. I have still about three hundred WD 5.5 applications running in the field. In the average they're used since 7 years, the earliest ones since 2002. Kind regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 03.05.2013 15:16
Okay and thanks for the responses. The other part of their concern is if WinDev applications can handle large, real world multi-user situations. Frankly, I don't see our app as that big, and most of the power is determined by the DB engine. We will be using the native SQL Server add-on and I here it is very good. Can any share examples of large system deployments?

von Bob Sutton - am 03.05.2013 20:59
Windev is made for data applications.30 users should not be a problem. If your network is up to date then it should handle it just fine. Hyperfile cs will do as well.



von Allard - am 06.05.2013 21:01
Hi Bob

after 20 years using windev, I must say that NONE of your numbers ranges anywhere NEAR the size of what I consider a BIG application. I have seen (and worked on) applications with hundreds of users, millions of records, and even that didn't NEED MS/SQL... HFSQL will handle your volume for free with less maintenance and no problem

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 13.05.2013 12:50
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