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Transform pictures to 72 dpi

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 04.05.2013 16:25


I am new to this forum and this is my first question here.

I am very bussy with making a local newspaper (CMS).

Writers can add pictures to their articles. That is altready working.

Most writers knows nothing of the internet. They want simply add a picture to an article.

Is it possible to change the format to a ficxed size and to change the dpi to 72 without interaction of the writer.

I know WebDev has already a wizard that proposes changes when we are developping sites.

Maybe the source code is available for us ?

Already many thanks and greatings,

Willy Hermans.


Hi Willy,
if you are using HF of HFCS databases check this post

you could also use a converter to compress/resize the images yourself

von Arie - am 04.05.2013 17:12
Hi Willy,

An image has no dpi, just pixels.
Dpi is valid for an output device only.
You can easily resize an image using the image variable.
Assign the image to an image variable and use dResize to resize it.


von Piet van Zanten - am 04.05.2013 22:45
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