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Re: Windev / WebDev / WinDev Mob

Startbeitrag von Sivaprakash am 06.05.2013 05:43


I'm from Powerbuilder area, considering a switch over to other technology, as there is no information from SAP/Sybase regarding the next improvement over the product.

My current need is to develop applications for web and mobile, apart from Windows and in that course I found Windev tools. By going through the website, I'm really impressed with the product. But would like to get better opinions from the users of the products.

Reg WinDev.

1. Is that easy to develop Linux / Mac applications from Windev ? If that really happens, I'll the happy person to give my client(s) a choice. How easy is this.

Reg WebDev

1. Can I develop 'responsive' web applications using this tool ? Responsive means, the website developed could be viewed either through a pc-browser or tablet-browser or mobile-browser.

Reg WebDev Mobile

1. Can I user the in-built databases (eg. Sqlite in Android).
2. Can I access my contacts available in mobiles ?

Reg HyperfileSQL

1. Currently using SQLServer (express edition). Is it advisable to switch over to this DB ?

I really appreciate any help in these area, which will guide me in choosing the right product for my usage.

Happiness Always
BKR Shivaprakkash


Re: Windev / WebDev / WinDev Mob

I'm a newby, so I might be wrong...

WebDev - no css responsive sites with version 17 - all table based, Maybe in WB 18, according to the brochure there is more support for divs and css?

WinDev Mobile - Yes you can access sqlite in Android and i-phone - no support for databases in WinPhone, for some reason?

You should be able to access your contacts, never tried?

HyperfileSQL - stick with MSSQL - IMHO.

von Geoff B - am 06.05.2013 07:21

Re: Windev / WebDev / WinDev Mob

take a look in the ebook. There is an ebook for version 18 somewhere on the windev site as well!. Version 18 has even more options

It doesnot handle css as other dev programms. In version 18 content and styles are seperated . But I donnot hink it is easy swapping form one to an other css in run time.

However You can make a stite responsive to a mobile version of the site. You have to create a mobile version of the page. And sscript that redirect a mobile device to the mobile website.

Windev Mobile

You can acces the local db

regards allard

von Allard - am 06.05.2013 09:15

Re: Windev / WebDev / WinDev Mob

Thanks Geoff B and Allard for your replies. I got an idea about these tools. Should try with the idea of 'mobile version of the page', as suggested by allard. Not sure whether I need to create 'tablet version of the page' also. Any ideas, how to handle different display sizes of mobile and tablets ?

Happiness Always
BKR Shivaprakkash

von Sivaprakash - am 08.05.2013 01:49
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