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[WD18] Problem with scm

Startbeitrag von Thomas Brauner.pcs.crosspost am 06.05.2013 06:38

Using the WD18-56h it is not possible to work with scm. There are same tables/fields missing and i doesn't can check in/out.
Asking the pc-soft support gaves me the answer "upgrade the scm database".
And really, i found out that the version of my scm database is still 15 (!!). An upgrade is not possible, because under WD18 the menu option is grayed!
Back to WD17 and triying to upgrade: scm crashes!
Then is create a new database with WD18: the database-version is 15 (!!!). Maybe this is the reason that the upgrade option is grayed ?!?!
I sent some requests to pc-soft support but get yet no answer :-(.
Maybe someone in this forum can help me ...


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As you might know this is an beta, so some things might not work.
The full version is supposed to be released in end of May.
There might be releases between now and then.


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von Kim O'Regan.pcs.crosspost - am 07.05.2013 15:32
Hi Thomas,
56h is always only for prospect. Nothing usable in this vesrion before and now.
I have also problem with SCM WD18.

1. Create SCM database normaly
2. WD18 can not connect on that database because "some file missing" even they are there
3. Windev 17 connect on same SCM database normaly, even on SCM created with WD18

So, wait like we others for new update and aldays report about problems so we can finally get usable version in all aspects, not only "repainted and destroyed" old version.

von ICI - am 06.06.2013 06:32
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