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[WD17] Simple Report Designer/Generator

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 08.05.2013 00:43

Has anyone found a small, simple report generator to use instead of Reports & Queries, which can be easily integrated into Windev? I want to allow end users to modify invoice, statement type documents.

My general idea was that I would write a base query which would link with the report designer (the method doesn't really matter) & then users would be able to select the desired fields from here to add (or delete) from my base layout. They could also add/remove logos, standard messages etc. All fairly basic sort of stuff I would have thought but I'm having difficulty sourcing anything remotely close; Reports & Queries is far too complex for what I have in mind, as are most of the others I have looked at.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.




Hello David

There have been some posts over the years on the forum re List & Label as a report generator but I prefer to try and stay within Windev.

As an alternative: if you go with the premise that an invoice has three major components, top, middle and bottom, then you could try an approach we did with one of our smaller apps. We supplied the app with 5 tops, 5 bottoms and 5 middles and allowed the user to mix and match. Prior to that we had been modifying the layouts using either a local copy of the Windev R&Q program or extending the number of our base invoice layouts. On some invoices, simply providing a top panel that consisted of an image was enough because it allowed them to construct what they wanted in Word and then paste it into a memo field in our user configuration file.


von Al - am 08.05.2013 01:51
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