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[WD18] I will not upgrade to version 18

Startbeitrag von Jose Antonio Garrido am 10.05.2013 13:05


I first bought WD15, then 16 and then 17.

Now WD18 is out, and I will not purchase it because of 3 reasons:

1-I don't know if any bug was resolved or any new discovered. I think it is necessary because we are not updating an android game (but even they say if any bug was fixed), but a tool that will used in serious tasks.

2-I think they are focusing to much in WB and WDM and are not paying enough attention to WD. Can any one say a new important feature of WD18?
Metro apps? I see them like desktop but crippled, so for now I will not use them.
New controls? I didn't use those of WD16 and WD17.
I would like that they improved current controls and functions.

3-I reported a bug in WD16 ant it was not resolved in WD17. It may seem like reason 1, but it's different.

edit:Maybe if enough of us complaints here, they will take it seriously and think on it instead of the girl who we will pick to make the new magazine with the "999999" features.


Hello Jose

I share your concerns but I would like to put an alternative view.

I think that most forum members:
Have no time for PCSoft's soft porn marketing,
Finds PCSoft's obsession with 999 new features just silly,
Feel like second class clients because of the lack of technical support with no English language LST and many fewer videos and examples than French developers receive,
Are angry with the non fixed bugs and half finished features that promise the world but only deliver it all in maybe the next revision.


punishing PCSoft financially by not upgrading is perhaps not the best way to go.

I am stuck with PCSoft because my business is built around products developed in their software and while I have complaints there is no other development product on the market that has the features and ease of programming the Windev provides. I have used other development tools and none of them come close to Windev for standard business apps.

I think that it is the idiosynchracies of PCSoft as an organization, including all the parts I don't like, that combine to create the truly unique product that Windev is.

I am reconciled to the fact that the sheer brilliance of the 97% of Windev features that do work extremely well outweigh the problems and that if for no other reason than self interest, I must continue to support PCSoft financially and I have upgraded all my Windev, Mobile and Wendev products to V18 with just that thought in mind. ( I have always maintained current versions of Webdev and Mobile and have never released a program in either of them)


von Al - am 10.05.2013 14:18
Everyone should act as he deems fit............


von issah - am 10.05.2013 20:51
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