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WB for CMS [PHP]

Startbeitrag von Giu am 11.05.2013 11:42

Hi all,

We develop websites with Drupal and I like it very much. The problem I see, is We don't like PHP a lot, and when customers wants some modification wich requires coding, all of us avoid it :P

Right now, We're retaking WX development for desktop (with V15, but we hope to update soon), and I'm thinking if could be viable to develop our own CMS with WB. Some simple first, and more complex over time. PHP generation is to use shared host.

Our main concerns is:
- How is performance of Webdev+PHP websites?
- There are people here in projects like this? Some sites to see how it looks?
- WB18 is ready for DIVs+CSS styling

Thanks for your time.



I had the same issue. There are a lot of website development companies that use open source. But they are not experts in php and thus if a plugin is not available, the client wants something specific then they have a problem.

If you use webdev you can easily integrate it with a windev app or a mobile app. And you can do it yourself. So that is a big plus

Resently a friend of mine wanted a forum, to be used by a nonprofit group in my village. I made it in webdev just a view days. I added really cool features that are not available in opensource products including a mobile webapp.

- Performance of webdev php site is great
-It is absolutely possible to make a cms in webdev.
- Made my website with webdev its a hybrid cms (www.wdsoft.nl)
http://www.windev.com/webdev/list-of-sites.html]on the windev website there are sample websites made by clients[/url]
-Webdev 17 had no separation of css and page. I believe version 18 has. But it is not complete separation. I do not think it is possible to change the look and feal of a site by changing the css.

von Allard - am 11.05.2013 12:15
As for me there are a loot of bugs in webdev 17, 18 and it stops a work again and again:mad:
PSsoft do not make updates, do not repair the errors and bugs, the free technical support very slow and in practice there are a little advantage...

von Alexander S. - am 11.05.2013 12:40
Alexander S.
As for me there are a loot of bugs in webdev 17, 18 and it stops a work again and again:mad:
PSsoft do not make updates, do not repair the errors and bugs, the free technical support very slow and in practice there are a little advantage...

Something particular? Can you share your experiences?

von Giu - am 12.05.2013 15:47
To many errors in the generated HTML in different combination of controls, for example floating cell inside a looper provoke HTML errors in ID's.
If you try to get ATT_xxx..Value of any looper control inside a POPUP page you will get JS error, and etc.
Another's bugs in page editor it need to show - a can not explain in words, I do not know English so well.
I have sent already to PS soft about 10 requests about found bugs.

1) 3 last found bugs in test V18 project here: link

2) New one bug in Webdev 18 with palette!
When changing the palette color - the new color do not applied to the control. Look at the video: video

4) The new one bug on project explorer:
When you try to rename a procedure in the set of global procedures by right click->Rename - opens a window to rename a Set of procedures, but not a Procedure.

5) When you change the palette of the project several times there are a
duplicates in the css styles and there is no name of the style in the combo box.
Look at the video.

6) New one error in v18 HTML5 mode with Tabs control.
The orange color from background of tab copied to the top tabs and overlap the defined tabs color (green and grey).
Look at my demo project. (TabControlStylesEror.rar)

7) There is an error in generated html when we have floating cell on the
looper with left margin >0 (HTML5).
The floating cell do not stand on the vertical line, but jump
horizontally. Look at the demo project looper_float_margin.

The second error: Look at the generated HTML of this page and check it in
validator.w3.org and you will see 3 errors!

Please, download my test project here http://tehsklad.com/files/looper_float_margin.rar

This is ALL errors in Webdev V18!

von Alexander S. - am 12.05.2013 18:30
Hi alexander,

Indeed nasty bugs!!
Do you have the english or the french version of webdev18?


von Allard - am 12.05.2013 23:50
English version.

von Alexander S. - am 13.05.2013 05:56
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