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WD18 fornt of row total Caption

Startbeitrag von Rudi Werner am 11.05.2013 19:40


How can i change the font of the caption of a rowtotal from a table ???

It is n problem to change the font of the totals it self with COL_NAME[rowtotal]..font

But how can i do it for the caption ???



Hello Rudi

The help is a little unclear unless you have used the "g" functions before, but they are quite useful in a variety of areas you would not expect.
The title of columns supports the RTF format and the graphic functions (gXXX functions).

It means to use the format:
Column1..title = (gFontBold()+"Column "+gFontBold(False)+" Title")


von Al - am 11.05.2013 23:26
Hi Al,

Its not the colum title that i want t change but the caption (sum, average,total) of the
Column totals !

If we make for example a SUM on a column we have the total of that column under that colum
Changing the font of that column is with : COL_Row_vat_amount[rowTotal]..Font = Myfont

i can change the caption (SUM TOTAL AVERAGE) in description of that table but

a can't change the FONT of that decription ???? thats my question

Hope its a bit clear ???

Best regards,

von Rudi Werner - am 12.05.2013 08:57
Hello Rudi

Sorry I misread your question. You can set the attribute as follows

COL_Row_vat_amount[rowTotal]..FontBold = true


von Al - am 12.05.2013 09:11
Hi all,

I think its my bad english but i know how to set the font of a rowtotal !

I want to change the font of the caption before the colums ...

when we make a total on a column then before the column is the word SUM or TOTAL or AVERAGE placed on the left site i want to change the font of that word !!

Hope it is clear now, and sorry for my english,

Best regards,

von Rudi Werner - am 12.05.2013 09:15
Hello Rudi

It's quite an interesting problem and the solution turns out to be simple. I have made some tests and when you set the FontBold = true attribute you are doing it for just the column not the row.
This means that to get the word "Sum" or "Total" to show in bold you have the set fontbold = true on the first column that displays in your table because the word display in that column.

Some further experiments reveal that Table[RowTotal]..FontBold= True will set the complete total row to bold.


von Al - am 12.05.2013 09:32
Heye Al,

Thank a lot it works perfect and in the same time i undestand the col / row system in the syntax.

Best regards

von Rudi Werner - am 12.05.2013 09:51
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