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Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 13.05.2013 06:19


Can anybody tell me what's the use of WDINT and WDMSG in WINDEV 17 ?
Since I am able to code in multi-language for the field prompts and messages..




With WDINT&WDMSG you can translate internal messages from PC Soft products

WDINT is used to check out:

the messages displayed by the different WinDev, WinDev Mobile or WebDev frameworks (".DLL" files). These frameworks are respectively used by a WinDev application, a WinDev Mobile application or a WebDev site.
These messages can be displayed when running a project developed in WinDev, WinDev Mobile or WebDev. Some examples:
"Division by 0"
"The BtnOk element is unknown"
"No analysis is opened and the CITY file is not described", ...
the different options of Automatic Application Features (AAF).

von ICI - am 13.05.2013 06:46
Hi Peter,

Just to add a detail about WDMSG. It allows you to extract in one operation all the strings in a language from an application to an export file that you can send for translation or use with the translation tool of PCSoft. (The translation tool could have many improvements in my opinion, but it does the job.)

Then you can reimport back everything for a given language after you are done. We use it because on big projects it helps you save a lot of time instead of chasing after every strings in every controls, forms, source code. Especially when you internationalyse to many languages where you are not a professionnal. You need external services.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 13.05.2013 13:06
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