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Wx18 new features working

Startbeitrag von Allard am 13.05.2013 18:22

I hope you are right gunter.

I think I'll wait purchasing version 18 till it is released.



Hi Allard,

I just found a new feature in WD18 which really works!

FTPConnect(..) can open an FTPS: connection with SSL/TLS implizit encryption now!
It's great because I do not need to automate WINSCP any more!


von GuenterP - am 14.05.2013 09:36
Guenter did you try the SFTP also?

This is one of the most import features in V18 for us.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 14.05.2013 11:17
Hi Paulo,

no, I'm sorry, I didn't try SFTP, but I'm rather sure that it will be working!
Don't forget to load the the FTP.IgnoreError variable with the appropriate parameters before issueing the FTPConnect(..) command.
For details see: http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?3040016&productversion=xxA180056h
Initially, I have been disturbed by the setting of "ftps://" because the site's name was test.xyz.at and couldn't be accessed from the browser, but at last everything worked out fine.

Kind regards,

von GuenterP - am 15.05.2013 04:55

Sorry for the post in the wrong topic.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 15.05.2013 09:43
Hi Paulo, there's no need to be sorry. It's been me myself. I just wanted to stop the whiners ... best regards, Guenter

von GuenterP - am 15.05.2013 12:07
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