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Startbeitrag von Alexander S. am 14.05.2013 13:26

Paulo Oliveira
Guenter did you try the SFTP also?

This is one of the most import features in V18 for us.

Please to all! This topic for BUGS only!

New one bug WB18 with popup page.
We have POPUP page and 2 static controls in it with applied css styles.
But one control appear with applied styles, and second without styles at all!
Difference only that first style do not have border, but second style have border.


[WB18] BUGS list

I would like to share Webdev 18 US bugs which I found every day. If you found WB18 bug and have send a request to PC Soft, please share the copy to here.

1) If you try to get ATT_xxx..Value of any looper control inside a POPUP page you will get JS error.

2) 3 last found bugs in test V18 project here: tmp1.rar

3) New one bug in Webdev 18 with palette!
When changing the palette color - the new color do not applied to the control. Look at the video Edit_Palette_Problem.exe

4) The new one bug on project explorer:
When you try to rename a procedure in the set of global procedures by right click->Rename - opens a window to rename a Set of procedures, but not a Procedure.

5) When you change the palette of the project several times there are a
duplicates in the css styles and there is no name of the style in the combo box.
Look at the video. duplicates.exe

6) New one error in v18 HTML5 mode with Tabs control.
The orange color from background of tab copied to the top tabs and overlap the defined tabs color (green and grey).
Look at my demo project. (TabControlStylesEror.rar)

7) There is an error in generated html when we have floating cell on the
looper with left margin >0 (HTML5).
The floating cell do not stand on the vertical line, but jump
horizontally. Look at the demo project looper_float_margin.

The second error: Look at the generated HTML of this page and check it in
validator.w3.org and you will see 3 errors!

Please, download my test project here http://tehsklad.com/files/looper_float_margin.rar

8) New one bug in Webdev 18 with ControlTemplate!
- Create control template
- Add code to Initialization section and OnLoad process
- Place this control to the page and RUN
The BUG: The Initialization code and Onload code never run!

Please check a demo project tmp1 (link is in the top of the page) and page: ControlTemplate_Code_Bug

von Alexander S. - am 13.05.2013 13:44

Re: WB18 BUGS list

Hi Alexander,

1 - Wx18 is still a BETA-product. I'm convinced that we will receive further updates to v18.
It's interesting that v56f in French has passed the second stage of validation process (= not yet a final version)
and v56h in English is still in beta and has not yet made it to official web site www.windev.com

2 - Yes, when finding a bug, it's best practise to send a bug-report to PC Soft.
Don't give up with sending reports but don't use bad language! They're touchy in that respect.

3 - Will all of the reported bugs be fixed? Judging from the past - definitely no!
I've seen bugs survive many versions. I've seen bugs that have been tagged as 'too difficult to fix'.
But I never saw final versions with bugs which made it impossible to use the product.
As it is in a programmer's real world, you sometimes have to circumvent buggy or not working commands.
Either by using a foreign dll or net assembly or by automating a full working program (e.g. freeware).

Kind regards,

von GuenterP - am 13.05.2013 14:47
There are an error when using in the project the dialogs YesNo and OkCancel (in the browser code).
How to check:
1) Add to the project page: WebDevYesNo
2) Use a browser call: YesNo(True,"111","222","Message 1,"Message 2")
Here all work fine!

But then, to change the design:
3) In the descripton of WebDevYesNo page set up the option: Edit in "zoning"
And after this, when you will use YesNo call the JS error appear in the browser.

von Alexander S. - am 15.05.2013 14:37
New bug V18:
There is a different behaviour of Button and Link MySelf..Value=... code, dependent of other parameters.
In one case used html special chars encoding and in other case not used.
[attachment 349 2013-05-18_15h29_36.png]

von Alexander S. - am 18.05.2013 12:29
New found bug with duplicate IDs in the generated HTML when you put a CELL in the looper and set up an option Relative position of controls or make a cell floating.
[attachment 371 2013-05-24_18h33_54.png]

von Alexander S. - am 24.05.2013 15:42
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