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POS printers: direct serial or windows drivers

Startbeitrag von Arie am 17.05.2013 19:38


we have a POS application used by many users.
Printing to pos printers like EPSON Tm-IV is done by using WD reports and thereby through the window printing system.
When we analyzed our support database we noticed that most of the calls are caused by printing problems.
But not by an unstable or crash of our WD app. But many times the printers are suddenly off-line, without any reason. Most of the time the windows printer spoller has to be reset.

I can 't believe Microsoft or Epson are that bad. My first guess is that WD is the actual cause, sending "bad data" at some point(s).
Can other POS builders share there knowledge and experience on this one?

We consider switching to serial printing and ESC codes. Would that work 100%?

This way we loose the WD end user reporting feature, which is used very much. But that can be overcome. Maybe someone build his own "report design tool" for use with POS printers and is willing to share (sell) some code?

2nd: not really a WD topic
We have a lot configurations using network printers.
And also shared Windows printers, connected to other stations.
Can I still use printers connected this way?


Hi Arie,
In my POS system for Restaurants, I use up to 4 POS printers and 1 fiscal printer.

Customer orders, and printers prints records from order
1. Print records for kitchen
2. for Bar
3. for Pizzeria
4. printing complette invoice

I use iConfigure(), iEscape() and print practicaly .TXT files to printers.
Only problems I was if I choose option from windows driver to "Print directly to printer"
If I use Spool, so printing will be done after printer is online again, then I have no any problem with printing. Last 3-4 months I have no any call from customer about blocked data or blocked printers even printers are 1xUSB, 1xLPT, 1xCOM. Driver work his job. For most printers I use only Generic Printer Driver and treat printes like Epson. If you print logos , graphical fonts and so on, Generic can be a problem, but if you need ordinary document, for me, it work almost "perfect" .

2nd: Network printers are teated same as prionters connected to work station. You always iConfigure() printer name, even it is on some other PC on network.
I always start with iEscape(gsInitializationBarPrinter) , ex: ESC+CHR(64)

von ICI - am 20.05.2013 06:42
Hi Arie,

For Pos receipt / kitchen printing I ONLY use Serial printers - EPSON TM Thermal series is as you know "Bullet Proof".

Virtually all cash registers have serial ports and they can also be shared if needed. I have not had any problems. It is good having it serial because it is not user dependant. You can just write to the serial port with no setup issues.

Also, by attaching the cash draw to the printer, the draw will not open if the paper is out and the light is on. This is good because it makes people check to make sure that there is always paper in the printer.

Just my past experiences,


von cardcoder - am 20.05.2013 09:08
Hi Arie,

check if your customer use "Kaspersky". There are problems between EPSON TM T88 and Kaspersky.

All our reports are written with WD Report generator - never any problems. POS Printer in network - no problems.


von Christoph Erdmann - am 20.05.2013 10:22

Just want to sharing with my less experience. :)

For POS printer, i just using USB port for 58mm size and 80mm size.

1) I have a problem for printing + opening cash drawer if using Epson printer. It only choose either one. If it do printing then the cash drawer will not open. If the drawer is open then it will not print the receipt. I cannot use auto opening cash drawer because of practical issue. All other brand is no problem. Still have no time to investigate it.

2) For Win 7 license, if the user using pirate license then the printer cannot work well. Sometimes ok then sometimes not ok. With the same computer after using Original license and make some license update, then then printer works well and consistent.

3) I also have problem for opening cash drawer. Its solved because the printer is 12V and the cash drawer is 24V. So not enough power to kick the cash drawer. Make sure the printer and cash drawer is same power voltage.


von Mujahid - am 20.05.2013 14:29
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