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[WX18] Is Windev more stable than Webdev and Mobile ?

Startbeitrag von Al am 18.05.2013 12:48

Hello All

My question is directed to the French speakers on this forum.

I would expect that when new versions of the Windev products are released that Windev, being the more mature product and only having one major OS to support (yes I know they are playing with Linux) would be more stable than Webdev and Mobile where the platforms are a constantly moving target and the environment for Webdev with the large number of browsers and standards must make it extremely difficult for PCSoft to produce bug free code.

I would further expect that any problems in Windev V18 would be confined to the new features and the bulk of it would be as solid as ever..

I am asking, if this is theory borne out in the French forums ?

I am happy to start a new project in V18, because any problems that occur will become apparent imediately as I am coding but I am concerned about releasing existing applications in V18 whenever the Alpha version is released, because they may not appear in my testing.



Hi Al,

Usually, previous features are solid when introducing a new version with new features. This is why we usually update our projects quite quickly because the previous feature set is stable. (And also to report any issues immediately.)

But even while making their best, regressions are possible, and when this is happening they are very fast in fixing it. (In these cases, they usually send you a corrected DLL within days.)

From my memory, the only important regressions we had was when introducing new features that had an important impact on the project in a whole.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 21.05.2013 14:56
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