WD18 Report problem

Startbeitrag von kimor am 19.05.2013 09:59


I want to create a report to be part of the body of an email.

I have information about a user (only one) and a table to be included.
I have created a report for the user information and another report for the table.
Then I created a composite report where both reports where included.

I then use:

I only get the table report and only one post per every third page???
This is the first time I try to make a report and don't know what could be wrong...

Any better idea to do it and how do I send a report as email?




personnaly, I would print the report as a pdf, and once my report is printed, send it as an attached file to the email...

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 19.05.2013 19:41
Hi Fabrice,
Thanks for the answer.
I need it to be automated and also would prefer to have the report in the body of the email.
But at the momement my first concern is to get the report looking as it should, any ideas there?


von kimor - am 19.05.2013 21:01
Hi Kim,

you could use as print target "html" and build your email then. Works like a charm for me.

von Michael Drechsel - am 20.05.2013 07:54
Hi Michael (or anyone else...)

Could you provide an example how that would look. I'm not sure which functions to use together to get it to work. Should I use iParametersExport?

I ended up using iSequencingAdd to get the report:
iSequencingAdd(SRPT_User, Edt_id, Edt_Name, Edt_Mail)

I couldn't get Composite Report working.


von kimor - am 13.06.2013 05:48
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