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comparing Wx forums

Startbeitrag von DomF am 20.05.2013 21:01


With the opening of the new PC SOFT's forum (just a relooking with few new features ?), it is interesting to compare features of several sites that offer forums on these products.


Feel free to post an answer to this message to add / correct some listed features.




features like logging via facebook are not features I want in a forum. Huh, if I needed to be logged in on face book i would problebly at least hesitate to never to use the forum again.

I think The mysnip forum is great. I has all the features one would expect. And if Gunther ads extra stuff than that’s cool.
The best thing a forum of this can have is lots of active users. Not only asking questions but when one has some spare time, and the knowledge, answering some questions as well. I think that is what the mysnip forum is all about. And makes it a winner for me

And of course it is in English..( not my native language, but a blessing. Where would we be if all forums where in French !! )



von Allard - am 20.05.2013 23:14
Hi DomF, whoever you are ...

.. there are numerous errors and omissions in regards to the mysnip-forum in this comparison - we can go through it in detail if you want. And there are quite a few items which are to be discussed. This forum, started on Parsimony at first, is active since 1999.

- dividing the main forum into products or even into versions. No good, it's definitely bad.
* there's a common programming language - W-Languange. This makes problems common to several products. One shouldn't separate what belongs together.

- If you registered to the forum you could have edited your profile. There's a lot: an avatar as well as a signature and much more!

.. and so on.

Generally, the real quality of a forum is not represented by its frame - it's the content. Most participants of French forums do not supply real solutions. I'm not going to speculate about reasons. However, I strongly believe that the value of a forum lies in the willingness of its particiants to share their knowledge. Besides that, in sheer numbers of posters and postings I believe that the WinDev forum is top in the English community.

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl

von GuenterP - am 21.05.2013 06:13
Thanks for your answers.

I totally agree that the quality of a forum depends on the people there. This comparison does not provide a ranking, it just compares features of some active forums. If users are there, is that it suits them.

For yours, I corrected the profile functions. For other topics, we can talk in private message if you want.

@allard: you can see in the list 3 forums have English version. For Facebook login, it seems that this is an option on the site and you can create a normal account.

This comparison, although it can still be improved, has the merit to exist. We are in a competitive world and what is interesting in one site could improve one or the other site. Also, for a user, it can compare, as any "product" that uses or purchases. According to this comparison, I can not imagine posting this message on the forum of PC SOFT. It should be deleted quickly. So I want to thank the moderators allow this freedom of expression (another quality element for a forum!)


von DomF - am 21.05.2013 12:55
... in the list 3 forums have English version. ...

Which three forums have English versions except for PCSoft's forum and this MySnip fourm.

I checked out Tunidev. There is nothing there in English. And this forum does not go beyond WinDev 11!

In case of developpez also there is not forum exclusively in English.

Did I miss something here?


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 21.05.2013 14:11
Hi Yogi Yang,

thank you for pointing out that neither developpez.com nor tunidev.net are English forums!
Maybe, one can post there in English, but they're mainly in French.
Both forums contain topics not related to programming at all.

Developpez.com is for many programming languages, for humour etc. too ..

www.pcsoft.ca contains not a single posting in the English category 'WinDev'

So, www.pcsoft.fr and mysnip.de are left.
If you know that these both forums are synchronized by PC Soft ...
there's only a single source of independent information.

von GuenterP - am 21.05.2013 14:54
Hi Yogi Yang

The last forum that contains an English part is PcSoft.ca (the canadian forum which is bilingual). But there is no message in it. Maybe all English Canadians are here lol

For Tunidev, posts are for all Windev version (even it's written WinDev 11 on the title).


von DomF - am 21.05.2013 15:22
I don't know for any other forum for WX which is close to this forum.

This forum is for me, same like Facebook, Twiter, Skype for other users.

Long live MySnip !

von ICI - am 21.05.2013 17:15
Hi everybody

Thanks to DomF, intersting comparaison.

Just one remark Guenter ... I could be nice to have a better knowledge of my forum instead tell something wrong ... You'll agree if I defend mine ?

PcSoft.ca is not "synchronized" with pcsoft.fr, it only shows posts on this forum in the bottom (RSS feed). If you went only once on this site, you can see, in the footer of each page : (*) Ce site n'a aucun lien avec la société française PC SOFT. Should I translate for you ?

If there is no message in the english part of my forum, shame to the official importer who sell 99% of PC SOFT products in Quebec and don't make any effort to sell something to the rest of the country. After 18 months of existance, I didn't see anybody outside of Qc.

Your forum is the "only single source of independent information" ... Just take a look at http://www.pcsoft.ca/fr/component/kunena/28-salon/92-merci-pour-ce-nouvel-espace.html where you can see my answer ..."Je vous rassure, pas de censure ici.". Just to make things clear ... I'm not an employee of PC SOFT !

Please, you are not the white knight of the community ... should be better to take your time to improve your "old-fashion text format forum" instead of firing others ...


von Patrick Lalemand - am 30.05.2013 14:04
Hi Patrick.

I'm not very good in english but I think that you misread Guenter's message.


José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 30.05.2013 15:30

it is important that a forum is independent!
And, i agree with all other peaple: i depends on the peaple which are using the forum.

If someone has a question or an error he wants help. If a have a problem with my car and go to a service station, i wants that they repair my car. I need no instruction that it would be better for health to walk.
And the peaple, who gives the answer should better read the question. I saw many postings where the problem is described exactly and then, in the next post, someone ask exactly these details.

I work/worked with (Visual-) Dataflex for nearly 30 years and they have a good forum.
BTW, the things i criticezed are always the same :-(
The best thing with this platform is, that many staff of DATA ACCESS also look permanently in this forum and give help.

One year ago i changed to WX and i have the impression that NO PC_SOFT staff reads the forum/messages! Many questions are undiscussed and many (same) problems/errors are found in earlier versions as well in the new WX 18.
Why PC SOFT leave their developpers unattended???
A forum like this is the best way to find out, what problems/suggestions the developers have. And it must be one goal to get satisfied developers, who buys the next version.
A good forum and a good community is one importent component of a good developer-system.

I read, that the LST should not be translate to English?!?! Sure, Frensh is a nice language, but is it so much work to translate a godd source of information? One goal of WX is translation into other languages. They even have Spanish and Chinese Versions! And information in English is no matter?

I visited some "Shows" of PC SOFT in France. In 4 hours they continuously speak about the new product. But at the end there has been 5 minutes for questions.
DATA ACCESS is much smaller than PC SOFT ( i believe...) but they have Workshops every 2 month in nearly each country they a representive. And you can even get a complete tutorial-book in many languages. Even in German!!! :-)
I started to miss them ...

So, a forum seems to be the only way to get information behind the curtain.

But i dont want to finsh without to refer to windev-us.com.
It is not a real forum. BTW it is a good portal and there are many good informations from Glenn, Andy, Fabrice and all the other good staff.


von Thomas Brauner (Germany) - am 30.05.2013 15:36

Yogi Yang, thank you for pointing out that neither developpez.com nor tunidev.net are English forums!
Maybe, one can post there in English, but they're mainly in French.
Both forums contain topics not related to programming at all.

Developpez.com is for many programming languages, for humour etc. too ..

www.pcsoft.ca contains not a single posting in the English category 'WinDev'

So, www.pcsoft.fr and mysnip.de are left.
If you know that these both forums are synchronized by PC Soft ...
there's only a single source of independent information.

Hi Patrick,

I strongly believe that you didn't understand my posting! You're fighting against numerous statements which I never gave.

Once again: "DomF", whoever he is, presented a comparison of 5 forums to us. I believe, all of them had been tagged as 'English' at that time. Fact is, that only three of them turned out to offer a truly English forum - yours included. And only two of them contain any postings. PC Soft's English forum on www.windev.com is synchronized with this forum. This is done by PC Soft / Montpellier at their not so small expense.

von GuenterP - am 30.05.2013 16:48
I understand that somebody is not happy because this is an "old-fashion text format forum". I am nearly speechless... Should there be more pictures? Or sounds? Background music? Or what? :confused:


von Ola - am 30.05.2013 18:39
Hi Guenter,

I'm sorry if I misunderstood your answer. If your are not clear enough, you can imagine that what is said could be interpretted in another way. Don't forget that some readers are french speaking and we have other references.

I thought that this sentence "both forums are synchronized by PC Soft" was related to pcsoft.ca (and because PC SOFT forum posts appears on the bottom). That's why I reacted.

" ... there's only a single source of independent information" ... which is (for you) ? I'm asking just to avoid another misundestanding...


von Patrick Lalemand - am 30.05.2013 19:31
Hi Thomas

"it is important that a forum is independent". Of course, I agree ! I just wanted to underline that even my forum is named "pcsoft", I'm totally independant of them. It's a long time I didn't post anything on their forum.

You're almost right, PC SOFT reads all messages, just to flush some of them, not to answer. "Why PC SOFT leave their developpers unattended", this is THE BIG QUESTION ! Most of customers are disgusted about their trade policy. That's why this forum and others are there and have success.

Yes they have a spanish and chineese version in a box. In this case, english could be the language understood by almost (!) all but since the beginning, Wx is in french and it's still a strong sales argument. In this case, other versions should be only a "copy" of this original french version.

Anyway, forums (and this one in particular) are a good source of informations but I think that everone (like me) suffers that the real information comes after reading posts and posts, spending much time to read them all (precisions, thanks, out of scope,...). I started a wiki to gather relevant information about all WLangage (wlplus.org). This time, it's only in french but it's almost ready to be used in english (an other languages like spanish, german, ... even chineese). Technical tests are ending soon. Is your community interested to participate to that ?


von Patrick Lalemand - am 30.05.2013 19:54
Hi Ola

Internet is evolving every day. When I come here, I fell like using an AS400 ... far away of all other forums I'm watching. That's only my opinion.

You have to admit that this forum is "minimalist" even it works well (I'm only talk about the look and features, not about the content). The comparaison document shows many differences between forums. OK, everything is not essential but some may help in many case (I love the highligth on wx code). It's also a question of feeling sometime and even I can answer to many of questions here, I don't come because of that.

"les gouts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas", in french in the text ;-)


von Patrick Lalemand - am 30.05.2013 20:24
Hi Patrick,

please, take care of your own forum!
You're not in a position to give advice here.

von GuenterP - am 31.05.2013 05:16
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