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[WD16] Scheduler control: shows wrong end date. How to fix?

Startbeitrag von Ola am 21.05.2013 10:54

Hi all

I am trying to link my ERP's work order management subsystem to a scheduler control, where the work orders are the "resources". The link is automatic, directly to the work order header records.

The scheduler control takes the start and end dates from the work orders and displays them as horizontal bars in the control..

The problem:
The scheduler control shows the bars' start dates correctly but
the end dates are shown one day "short".

How could I fix this? How can I lengthen the bar by one day?

Another question:
How can I remove a work order from the Scheduler control (only), when the work is ready?



I checked WD16's Schedule sample app (which is based on programming, not direct automatic file linking), and it has exactly the same problem: the graphical "reserved" time bar display is one day short compared to the end day info in the record.

Does anybody else see this? Or am I missing something? Or maybe this is some kind of French standard?

If its a bug, has it been fixed in later versions?


von Ola - am 23.05.2013 08:44
Hi Ola,

I've seen this in my own application. The problem is imho that the startdate and enddate are, in fact, datetime variables. So you have to add "23595999" to your enddate to also show the enddate-day in your scheduler. Now time "00000000" of the enddate is supposed.

I hope this help you.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 23.05.2013 13:37
Hi Stefan

That sounds like a logical explanation. I'll try that. Thanks.

But isn't it strange, that PCSoft supplies a sample app for training purposes and does not explain this? I wonder whether they have found this quirk themselves...


von Ola - am 23.05.2013 17:22
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