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v17 URL rewriting

Startbeitrag von KenKnight am 21.05.2013 14:59

Hi all,

Has anyone successfully gotten the URL rewriting in AWP mode working? I normally use server 2008 for this purpose in awp services I write, however, I thought it would be nice to utilize the built-in functionality instead of having to modify url rewrite rules on the server itself. This would allow individual developers to be in control of the rewrite plan.

Sadly, I've been unable to get it to work and I've verified that the *.awp handler is not explicitly looking for a file/folder. I also implemented some failed request logging on the server and see that the wd170awp.exe handled is indeed getting called and is the one that is setting the error 404 (not found).

I've got a request into PCsoft but figured I'd see if anyone else has encountered / overcome the problem. Also I did read another thread that the slashes did not work in apache, but that shouldn't be the issue here since it is IIS 7.5



[SOLVED] Re: v17 URL rewriting

Hi all,

Ok I figured out what it was. My simple misunderstanding of what the URL referencing screen was trying to tell me. The "Configure URL Referencing" screen display a test area like so; "http://mysite/[ edit field ]"

So with that I was trying to hit the page right off the root of my site. Buzzzz. You still have to use the full URL path to where the *.awp files is located such as http://mysite/test_web/uk/

Hope this helps someone else out and prevents them from wasting too much time. :)


von KenKnight - am 24.05.2013 02:23
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