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SOLVED - WB18 - WebDev App Server Installation

Startbeitrag von Peter Holemans am 23.05.2013 08:24

Greetings gang,

I would like to install the WB app server (10 connections to start with as a proof of concept) on a Windows 2008R2 server on IIS.

However, on that server we already have 2 ASP(x) webapps configured on IIS listening on ports 8001 and 8002 and a network monitor webapp running on Apache listening on port 80.

When isntalling the WebDev app server, it by default checks for the webserver listening on port 80. In our case Apache. We can overcome this by stopping Apache for a while during the installation. This allows the WebDev app server to be installed against IIS but by default it is configured for port 80. However, we don't want this.

How can I force WebDev to install against IIS and listen on a specific port?

Thanks in adavance for any clues.


Peter H.



Ben Dell pointed me in the right direction.
This does the trick:
- Create a new Site on IIS and give it a port
- Next use that site as the 'default site for WAS when it pops up the lists of sites which it should monitor/manage.


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 23.05.2013 09:19
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