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Startbeitrag von Clarion Ghost am 23.05.2013 18:34

I have in mind running a message board. Does anyone know where can I get the MySnip software?



von Clarion Ghost - am 23.05.2013 18:39
Here you can get the software

www.mysnip.de is the hosting site for forums, maintained and offered by Thomas Seifert, he is the main developer of phorum.org

von GuenterP - am 23.05.2013 19:33
Thank you Guenter, much appreciated.

von Clarion Ghost - am 23.05.2013 21:27
You should have a look at the Universal Thread forum system - it is by far, far and away the most sophisticated forum environment I have ever seen in 20+ years in IT. Very easy to follow threading system, easy to track new messages plus many useability customizations for users. Extremely simple to use and very effective foruming system.


Sign up for an account (it's free and they never spam or anything like that). Then check out one of the many hosted forums like .Net or whatever.

von JP - am 24.05.2013 07:14

You could make one yourself? I am in the proces of finishing a forum/message board. I Made it with webdev. It has all the basic stuff a message board has . Not all the fancy stuff on MY snip, like Quoting and private messages but, It has an avatar on all messages and people can send mails to other users etc.
The nice thing when making it yourself is that of course you can add anything you want. I worked on it on and off for problebly a week. I use php modus and a mysql database. Performance is very good

Regards allard

von Allard - am 24.05.2013 10:57
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