Downgrading from WinDev 18 to 17?

Startbeitrag von AndersH am 24.05.2013 09:43


I've pretty much just wrecked a project which me and my colleague were working on.

I wanted to try Windev 18 so I installed it and opened it. Because my computer is pretty slow i kind of spammed the enter button to get into a project.

And because I didn't think clearly, I opened a Windev 17 Project because I was going to see if the new Pivot Control could refresh this app.

The project did take a backup. (from Windev 18) before it got opened from the SCM.

Now I'm stuck in Windev 18 and he can't open the project in Windev 17.

Is there any way to undo me opening it in Windev 18 so he can open it in Windev 17?

Appreciate every thought and ideas..

Regards Anders


Hi, you can always open the WD17 project by starting WD17 first and then opening the WD17-project by choosing the .WDP file within the backup directory.

von GuenterP - am 24.05.2013 10:03
It worked! Thank you very much!

Regards Anders

von AndersH - am 24.05.2013 10:50
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