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[WD 15] Weird window behavor

Startbeitrag von RAUL2 am 25.05.2013 22:44

Hello guys. I have this window created from scratch, with 7 used planes, which don't recognize any hotkey assigned to controls.

Plane 1 have a radio_button (Vista style + sub-captions type) with 2 options and some images and statics. Every option has a hot key declared with the "&", e.g.
* &Purchase
* &Reports

In runtime it is:
* Purchase
* Reports

The control should have focus with Tab key, but, if I press it, the focus never reaches it. If I press (Alt+P), it never selects the Purchase option. The same thing (with hotkeys) happens in all the planes with other simple buttons.

I've tried:
* Deleting the .CPL dir.
* Deleting the win from the project (not from disk) and open it back, and save it, in order to be included again in the project.
* Compile the windows code (only).
* Recompile the whole project.

It's a hard win to recreate because it has a lot of local procs and many controls with groups. Do you have a suggestion for this? I think that recreating the win from scratch the problem will be solved, but, I'm trying hard to keep it.

Kind regards.


Hi Raul,

As far as my own tests goes, this is not working in V18 either. So I would report it to PCSoft. The only shortcut key working is the one you can set in the caption of the radio button control.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 27.05.2013 12:22
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