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Each field of a table

Startbeitrag von Tor-Bjarne am 28.05.2013 08:03


in WinDev v17 - I`m going to build a simple parser where the user can insert fields from several database tables.

I would like to make a small procedure that I call with the table name as parameter and in return I get a list of fields currently contained in the table.

I Cant recall the command for asking information about a table, but I seem to recall there is.

A simplified example:

str is string = "Customer"

for each field of table {Str}

info("Field: "+Field..name+ " is of type: "+Field..type)


Can somebody point me in the right direction/documentation?




Take a look at the HListItem function.

Best regards,

von Bart VDE - am 28.05.2013 08:12

Thank you!! - I was actually browsing the Hxx commands but did not find any commands.

But as we say in Norway: ~"Eyes are the first place one is blind"


von Tor-Bjarne - am 28.05.2013 09:28
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