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DateTime as Null Value

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 29.05.2013 00:56

Greetings All,

I have to all an existing web service for which I think I can pass null values and test them in my code in the web service so as to do nothing if the value is null.

In my WDM 18 App, I am finding that datetime values are initialized with the current date/time.

Is there a way to null the values so I can pass null to the web service?

I can probably check for this in the web service but would prefer to handle this in the App.

The reason for that is WDM 18 has some very nice easy to use functions for date subtraction that are not available in PowerBuilder (which I used to create the web service). I have some libraries that I can use but was hoping to handle this in the App.

Thanks All,



Hi Paul,
normally you can just do this
dTmp is Date = ""
But maybe on a real device it's different. You have to do a short test.

von Arie - am 29.05.2013 06:49
Thanks, Arie!! (as usual).

I think I was probably mistaken about my web service being able to accept a null as a datetime value.

I finally decided to pass a logical value to the web service and let the web service calculate the value of :rightnow as datetime(today(),now()) in powerbuilder.

Thanks for your help, though!!!


von Paul Murray - am 30.05.2013 04:13
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