WD17 - best way to show 50+ markers on a Google map

Startbeitrag von Arie am 29.05.2013 17:12

I need to show 50+ addresses on a Google map.
What is the best way to do so?
I prefer using zoom, so a static map is not usable.
I also have some javascript code, to show a map in a browser.
But this code adds markers one-by-one, which is rather slow.


It seems that requesting geo-coordinates is only allowed 1 per second, which causes the delay.
Furthermore there is a max 2500 of per day.
So I think the best way is to get the coordinates of all adressen in my DB once (which will take a while, depending on the number of adresses I have) and save them locally.
Then I can use these coordinates, whenever needed, to show on a Google map, almost instantly.

von Arie - am 29.05.2013 17:58
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