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[Info] Free Google mapping course on offer from Google

Startbeitrag von Al am 31.05.2013 05:17

Hello All

There have been a few queries on the forum re mapping with Google maps, most of them linked to WinMobile.

Google are offering a free online mapping course in June that may be of interest to some forum members. I doubt if any will relate directly to linking with Windev but it may have some use as background info or maybe in expanding your contacts with other people interesting in mapping or in the API's




Thanks Al!!

Maybe someone from the WinDev Team will watch it and figure out that they need to upgrade to the GoogleMaps API v3 where you can specify your client id for enterprise customers including the channel parameter so you know the context in which you are using your Enterprise Google Maps account hits.


von Paul Murray - am 03.06.2013 21:12
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