Facebook control in looper

Startbeitrag von willy hermans am 01.06.2013 09:29


I just find out that I can not place a facebook control inside a looper.

This means that a "like" button has to be add via a HTML control.

In theory it must be possible to to place a small html controll in the looper and add the javascript code in it.

Has anyone expierience with this.

Is there an example available.


Willy Hermans


Hi Willy,

You can place an image or a clickable image in the looper.
Then click on the WL in the green bar for the click code.
The Green bar now changes to JS and you can enter javascript code.

Regards, Piet

von Piet van Zanten - am 01.06.2013 10:49

I'll try it out.

Short message. Huge job ;{)



von willy hermans - am 01.06.2013 11:06
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