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Get The First N Child1 From XML

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 01.06.2013 13:21

Greetings All,

I am using an existing web service to get some reservation data.

The data is sorted by pu_date_time.

There could be none, one, or more reserations in the XML data that is returned by the web service.

For this application, I want to get the data from only the first 'row' of data.

The code that I have working loops through all of the 'rows' of data in the XML document.

Can someone kindly suggest what change I would need to make to the code to pull only the first row of data?

Thank you!!


y is xmlDocument
y = XMLOpen(rp1.app_start_get_stateResult,fromString)
n is int = y.dw_app_start_get_initial_state.dw_app_start_get_initial_state_row..Occurrence

FOR EACH child1 OF y.dw_app_start_get_initial_state

confo = child1.confo
pax_lname = NoSpace(child1.pax_lname)
pax_fname = NoSpace(child1.pax_fname)
pu_landmark = NoSpace(child1.pu_landmark)
pu_st_no = NoSpace(child1.pu_st_no)
pu_st_name = NoSpace(child1.pu_st_name)
pu_city = NoSpace(child1.pu_city)
pu_county = NoSpace(child1.pu_county)
dest_landmark = NoSpace(child1.dest_landmark)
dest_st_no = NoSpace(child1.dest_st_no)
dest_st_name = NoSpace(child1.dest_st_name)
dest_city = NoSpace(child1.dest_city)
dest_county = NoSpace(child1.dest_county)
pu_date_time = child1.pu_date_time



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