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Windev 16 WDModFic

Startbeitrag von DW am 01.06.2013 21:45

Hello All,

I have been using the WDModFic.exe to update my datafiles over the last year I noticed cann not trap errors if it fails, or I am doing something wrong.

First I build the command line that will be used with exerun function.
This code works except for test mode because I do not have the dlls in the exe folder of the production file.

//Build the command line
sCommandLine is string
IF gsConnectionName = "CabinetTracServer" THEN
//Client server mode
sCommandLine = StringBuild([
"%1" /WDD="%2" /SERVER=%3:%4@%5:%6/%7 /report/error/wizard/US
], WDModFicDirectory,FullWDDName, User,Password, AddressOrNameHFServer,PortNumHFServer, DatabaseName)
//Single user mode
sCommandLine = StringBuild([
"%1" /WDD="%2" /DIR="%3" /report/error/US
], WDModFicDirectory,FullWDDName,sDirectory)

then I execute it...

No matter if it runs or not result always = 1(It will fail it test mode still returns 1)

nResult is int = ExeRun(sCommandLine, exeActive, exeWait)

// Launch failure, display the error
Error("Unable to run the automatic modification"+...
" of the data: ",ErrorInfo(), ...
"Command line used: ", sCommandLine)
Info("Data Structure has been updated")

as far as the -report option of the commandline it does nothing at all so if it does work nothing happens.

The point of this post is how to detirmine if WDModFic did its job or not.




You can add the parameter "-report" to the command line

Why you don't use HModifyStructure ?
edit: Ok, somehow I didn't see "Windev 16" in the title.

José Antonio.

von Jose Antonio Garrido - am 01.06.2013 22:34
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