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Error accessing DBF files

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 03.06.2013 07:33

I have an old software that is build in Delphi and uses BDE for data access.

I am not able to open or import .DBF files created by my software (using BDE) in WD.

I keep getting this error:
[attachment 395 xBaseError18.jpg]

I have tried to access .DBF files directly, through ODBC, etc but I keep getting the same error!

Besides Wd I also have .NET 2008, 2010, Delphi 2007 and VB6 (SP5) installed in my system.

Any solution for this please?


Yogi Yang


Hello Yogi,

Try to open it with another program and convert it there into a format that WD can read.
Of course this is a one-time workaround and not a native acces.

von Frans - am 03.06.2013 09:28
What can be version of your DBF if you use "old" delphi program.
DBFII or DBFIII versions of DBF.

Open it with EXCEL and save in another ,"new" DBF format.
Maybe youu need to exclude or delete NDX,NTX files from directory where is your DBF's for import. Maybe NTX files are problem.

von ICI - am 03.06.2013 14:39

My program when used generates .DBF and .MDX files and not NTX/NDX files.

I am able to open these DBFs in MS Access but can't open it in WD not can I open it in HF SQL Control Center.

von Yogi Yang - am 04.06.2013 04:34

MDX is DbaseIV format index and file is also DbaseIV format. I am not sure if Wx products can open it. You need to change it to version III which is most used format and that format can open all utilities on the market. Dbase/Clipper/AlaskaXbase,...
Many free utilities can open and convert/save from DbaseIV to DbaseIII.
I have no problem with opening and import .DBF's from Alaska Xbase, Fox and similar software I used before to open and import data into Windev.

von ICI - am 04.06.2013 05:55


I will convert the files to dBase III format.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 04.06.2013 12:07
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