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organizer control WB18

Startbeitrag von Allard am 03.06.2013 11:02

I want to make a popup window that manages the input and modification of an appointment.

If I want to modify I want to appointment to show in my popup. This is my code:

//in the wl client side input Org

PROCEDURE EnterInInput(aptEdited is Appointment)

POPUP_NoName1.EDT_Onderwerp = aptEdited.Title
POPUP_NoName1.EDT_locatie = aptEdited.Location
POPUP_NoName1.EDT_Text_HTML = aptEdited.Content

Thi sworks fine for tutle and content but not for the location? Why is this? I looked at the example as wel there the location is not used. Mybe to skip the bug ?

I should be able to do a serversite hreadseekfirst() on the organizer file and put the results in the popup when the popup is. but this is a lot more work

Anyboduy other ideas




Hi the way to go with the control isnot how the example is done, if you want to fillup the popup with more items

Here is some code how I did fillup the popup with alle the things I wanted:

arrApt is array of Appointment
arrApt = OrganizerListAppointment(ORG_Agenda,orgAptSelected)

IF arrApt = Null THEN
POPUP_NoName1.EDT_Onderwerp = "Nieuw"
// nothing in the array means you havenot selected anything. A new appointment is made
// you selected something fillup the popup with the selected apointment
nAgendaid is int = ORG_Agenda[ORG_Agenda].ID
IF HFound(Agenda)THEN


Took me a while to figer it out. But this works like a char,



von Allard - am 04.06.2013 16:01
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