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WD17: Add Checkbox column in Table Control

Startbeitrag von Raymond Thomas am 03.06.2013 13:52

I use the following command to fill a table from a query programmatically:

BuildBrowsingTable(myTABLE, myQuery, taFillTable)

I would like to add a checkbox column to this table (first column) so that the user can select one or more rows. The selected rows will then be used for some other processes.

Is this possible, if so please point me in the right direction.

Many thanks


OK I have found under the Style option of the table control that you can choose to display the "Row Selector" element. It seems to be just a button control which is fine for my purposes.

von Raymond Thomas - am 03.06.2013 14:19

You can select a check box to be displayed in every row. In the 7 tab select the column. In the colum you can specify if it is tekst or date etc , checkbox is one of them. 1 is checked 0 isnot checked

von Allard - am 03.06.2013 15:10
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