Reduced prices extended until June 15th !

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 03.06.2013 15:41

Hi friends,

on grounds that the time for official availability of Wx18 products has been very short, the period for purchasing upgrades at a reduced price has been extended to June 15th!

Please note: while upgrading your WinDev 16/17 to version 18 you can buy an additional product at a much lower price than it is offered normally!

Example: Upgrade of WinDev 17 to v18 is 399,- but if you decide to buy an additional WebDev 18 OR WinDev mobile 18 together with the upgrade then you're paying only 700,- Euros for it, not 990,- as usual! A discount of 30% for the new product!

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl
Systemhaus Predl IT-GmbH


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