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WinDev Mobile 18 - Buy it!

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 03.06.2013 21:08

Greetings All,

I felt remiss in not being able to send this message earlier. But based on Guenter's last comment about the Version 18 Upgrade being still in force until June 15, I had to comment.

I just finished a new Android App for my client on 6/2. It took me a week to develop while doing a variety of other tasks. It makes extensive use of .NET web services that I created using PowerBuilder.

With respect to WinDev Mobile 18 I am really, really pleased.

Everything I place on the windows showed up exactly where it was supposed to. The web services work exactly like they are supposed to. The GPS data collection works (I think) exactly as it is supposed to. The deployment process works better now and I can simply click the big green check box to redeploy instead of having to click through the right arrow button to achieve the same. This was a signed App and there was no problem with the signing.

It is the first project that I have done with WinDev products where everything went quite smoothly and it was really a pleasant experience.

I have also to say that I have done some preliminary work with WebDev 18 and the results have been very good with respect to calling web services and having everything show up where you expect.

To be fair to all, I was using a gradient for the background border of edit controls and while it looked perfect on the screen it rendered as all cyan with no gradient for both the border fill color and the input fill color. I compensated for that by using yellow as the input color. It works fine and I didn't loose any sleep over it.

Good Job Windev Developers!!



Hi Paul

i'm sorry but i disagree with you.
i have 3 days fighting with the map control, i can't explain why i can't integrate a simple map control on my mobile project developed on 17. (migrated to 18)

it is a simple map control all i want is to display an itinerary on the map because this was not posible on earlier versions.

my application work perfectly on 17. but in 18 i want to add a simple map control and i'm not able to compile it. and it is not kidding.

the joke here is that if a create a new project with a map control it works perfectly. lol

now i'm integrating my old application in a new one. starting of 0

i'm glad that you are happy with this new version. but i'm not starting as well as you do

best regards.

von Cesar Flores - am 03.06.2013 21:24
Hi Cesar. WM17 Maps are based on V1 of Google Maps, and it's now deprecated by Google. When you use an WM17 Maps application on WM18, the process update allow you to continue ussing V1 Maps or update to V2 Maps.

When i convert my "old" WM17 applications to WM18 i only had to follow the IDE instructions (download the new APIs for V2 for example).


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 03.06.2013 22:07

I think I understood that as well. You may have to get an updated Google Maps Key to use with the later version of Google Maps.


von Paul Murray - am 04.06.2013 03:53
Hi both of you

thanks, but i already have my API key V2.

in my app of V17 i dont use any map control!
my end user wanted to see an itinerary on the mobile. but map control on V17 stinks.
so to solve this, i had to develop a web AWP page with a map and see it via an HTML Control on my mobile device.

in V18 my hope was to delete the HTML control and replace it by a map control but the app do not compile, why? i dont know.

i regenerate my API key almost a hundred times (just as the help online says) but still not working.

but im not worried cause this is not a problem any more, i almost finish to recreate my old application. with a map control and without any kind of problem (for now).

best regards

von Cesar Flores - am 04.06.2013 13:33
Hi people,

I have a same problem of best regards and I don´t find a solution to problem. somebody has a solution could available your stretch of code, please?

thank you.

von julio - am 05.09.2013 18:16

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?


von Paul Murray - am 06.09.2013 13:01
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