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Importing from WinDev to WinDev mobile

Startbeitrag von Ivan V. am 05.06.2013 10:58

Hi everyone,

I have application made in WinDev 15, and i want to import it to WinDev 15 Mobile.
Is there any tips or problems i should put my eye on, since i never worked on anything regarding mobile.
It would be for Android OS.

Thanks in advance



Hello Ivan

first, you should forget any idea about IMPORTING... the development on android is vastly different... By example, there is no MODAL window, so no open statement, which means that your UI LOGIC has to be completely redone.

Of course, as the windows should also be much smaller AND able to change portrait/landscape, every window has to be redone too...

So the only thing you can reuse is some part of the code doing the data access, and so on

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 05.06.2013 13:12
Hi Ivan,

It also depends on how much of your busienss logic is written into the UI objects...
If you have most there, forget about converting/enabling a mobile version of your app easily....

That's why I stress the importance of separating the business logic from any front end (Windows/Web/Mobile) objects. Writing/defining a good architecture with a separate business layer solves about 90% of any conversion/integration pain since only the GUI part needs to be redone really enforcing the existing business rules without modification/rewrite.


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 05.06.2013 13:58
Thank Peter and Fabrice,

I think i ll just start new project, so i can learn Windev Mobile from start, but i ll use my logic from Windev app.
Is it enough to go trough WinDev Mobile tutorial, or there is something more?


Ivan V.

von Ivan V - am 05.06.2013 15:19
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