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[WD18] IDE

Startbeitrag von GuenterP am 06.06.2013 06:09

does anybody know how to *permanently* switch WinDev 18 IDE to show the old menue and the old toolbar?
So far I didn't find any option to use ...


Hi Guenter

On left side , 2 grey ON/OFF icons are for menu and toolbar in "old" style but seems this version need to be updated to remember when you click on it to be saved, 'cause after restart menus and toolbar are again displayed in new environment design.

"10 times faster" click on mouse button is now new option from PC SOFT :)

von ICI - am 06.06.2013 06:24

like in Windows 8 is that the way to force the users to use the new environment ...

von Michael Drechsel - am 06.06.2013 06:40

yes, I HATE the idea to click these two buttons each and every time I'm starting WD18! Some options of the old menue are not there either, e.g. 'Close Project', couldn't find it in the new interface. Remembers me of Windows 8 somehow, same attitude: eat what we are giving you, don't complain, believe us, it's much better now.

von GuenterP - am 06.06.2013 07:43

Close Project is under the HOME tab under de Close, small arrow.
[attachment 399 menu.jpg]

You can always use the search icon left top of the application window, you can search for "lost" menu options where there are.

[attachment 400 menu2.jpg]


von Danny Lauwers - am 06.06.2013 08:00
Yes Danny. I knew it. But don't know how to make "old" style default.
Thank you for your help.

What we talking about is the way and forcing to use "what I tell you to use". Is similar like "If you don't like me, go away but I stay here" or "You must bye new car because your 1 year old car are not IN anymore so or bye or don't drive anymore"....

So, if posibility is here, why don't enable it for all who want to use it , still

P.S. We will all soon or later start to use this new style but for now we must have alternative.

Regards !

von ICI - am 06.06.2013 12:37

The worst part is that they have stolen 3 lines of my work space with their stupid ribbon. I hardly ever used the buttons in the old interface, and I only ever had a single row of buttons on the top menu bar.

I can't find the old "toolbar" optin that used to let me get rid of the buttons.

Is there a way to reduce the options in the ribbon although I would still like to get rid of it permanently as it was the single stupidest "design" option forced onto the computing world by Microsoft in their office suite.

At least Microsoft have a "reason" for many of their changes - they need to create and force pointless changes in each release to generate work and income for their chanel partners, PCSoft are just being sheep and following along. That is their right but please don't force the changes on me.


von Al - am 06.06.2013 15:25
I do not agree. The Ribbon Interface was a result of many analysis, statistics and searches. Many great software like Auto-Cad are using it.

If we could reduce its size, and even hidden the Ribbon it could be better.

I consider that the interface of Windev/Webdev is now more clear and organized.

If we use the Menus and that bunch of Buttons we have also the 3 used lines.

We can also buy a larger monitor or change the resolution. The important thing is the productivity.

von Luiz Menezes - am 06.06.2013 20:54
Hi Guenter,

I asked PCSoft in December and made a suggestion for that. The answer was thank-you-but-no. So after 4-6 weeks I slowly abandoned fighting against the IDE and got used to it. Now it's ok. But I made many suggestions to improve the behaviour and it looks like that in the next release there will be some improvements on it (like being able add icons in the permanent section, and maybe having the good tab opened when you are in Window editor, Code editor, Analysis editor, etc.) We will see.

Also, if you click the "18" logo (top-left) you have access to the start screen and the old menu (and some other commands).

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 06.06.2013 20:55
Hello Luiz

I use 2 x 24" screens now but I still have to have to be able to see the code so increasing the resolution, which then drops the font size is not an option. It is a little contradictory to suggest that the ribbon would be better if we could reduce its size or hide it, because that's exactly the options we had with buttons.

In one respect it is good that PCSoft have maintained the old interface, the downside is that they have not made it so simple to keep it and it is clear they want us all to convert to the ribbon.

Even so, they have still stolen another screen line from me with the over large "18" graphic and the text line that tells me I am using the "Windev 18 Project Editor" or I am using the "Code "Editor". How that helps my productivity escapes me completely.

It is the concept of forced change that grates on me, especially when the minimilist approach of the buttons is better than the overblown ribbon. I only ever had a single line of buttons.

How on earth can replacing the simple "?" for the help options with a large graphic icon and the word "Help", plus a graphic panel of options that 20 times bigger, be considered a design change for the better ?

Still, as Andre has mentioned, PCSoft have made their decision and I very much doubt that any discussion here will have any impact on them. The best that I can hope for is that their French speaking clients complain about the ribbon en masse.


von Al - am 06.06.2013 22:17
Luiz Menezes

We can also buy a larger monitor or change the resolution. The important thing is the productivity.

sorry , my notebook screen not that big . I'm sure many that using windev on notebook facing same issue

von ccc2 - am 10.06.2013 09:18

von Quickly - am 12.06.2013 18:23
I think some new features will be available only in the ribbon.
Why keep two mechanisms ?

However, it's a good thing that PC Soft has let the old system for the transition. Microsoft does not make it in office or Windows 8 (or mspaint ;) )

von Quickly - am 12.06.2013 18:44

Hi 'quickly',

thank you - that's great!

von GuenterP - am 12.06.2013 20:31
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