[WD18] How to find ribbon pane subscript?

Startbeitrag von Thomas Brauner am 07.06.2013 17:45


i got a ribbon menu with several panes and groups.
The group items are visible or not depending on user rights.
Now i want to unvisble the pane, if all groups of the pane are unvisible.

How i get the subscript of the pane or to which pane the group belongs?
i want to write Ribbon[nr_pane]..visible = false.




Just write Ribbon[1]..visible=false it will make the first pane invisible.
Is this what you wanted?


von Aelfassi - am 07.06.2013 22:48
thanks for answer.

The "1" is exactly waht i need to find out.
I can read all elements of a ribbon. But i get only the goups.
And there is no property to which pane a group belongs.

I need to know, to which pane a group belongs.


von Thomas Brauner - am 08.06.2013 07:54
Possibly Ribbon.MyRibbon..Value is what you're after

von George Bradley - am 24.08.2013 20:30
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