Windows Application vs .NET Application under windev

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 31.10.2008 05:55


Can anybody tell me what's the advantage/disadvantage when windev compiles to a windows or .net executables ?

Will .net app be a more logical approach ( desktop & web deployment )?




Peter san,

Developing WD applications for the dot net platform is good for nothing. WD dot net Interoperability is not given.
To be more positive : dot net Interoperability is too limited. This is also valid for WD 14.
What I mean with too limited is that a lot of dot net libraries are not usable from WD.
2 examples : Generic containers, sub classing a dot net class. this is beside the reason why we can't use dot net controls....

What I like is the ability to create the database related stuff in WD, create a DOT net assembly and plug this Windev generated assembly into a C# Vb net or managed C++ application. I've tested this scenario with C# .. works fine.


von BLS - am 02.11.2008 20:12
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